Digitalization in the footwear design for a more sustainable development

We know that waste during development brings not only financial costs for the company, but above all, environmental costs due to the generation of waste and the high rates of losses.

Here we highlight a huge variety of materials involved in the composition of a shoe. We can also mention excessive stocks of raw material that inevitably end up being discarded.

In the recent past, it was only thought about the correct disposal for reuse and recycling of materials. Today we understand that the commitment to reduce footprints begins with product design and must accompany all stages of development, production and the supply chain.

Historically, the footwear industry has prioritized the search for cheap labor rather than innovation. When a region develops and labor increases, its time to move to another location and the whole process starts over. This business model results in less long-term competitiveness and more carbon footprints are left behind.

It is necessary innovation and technology for a more efficient process and grow up together with the community where it business operates.

More and more people and companies are committed to the environment. Likewise, they seek products, services and partners with the same responsibility.

Footwear Digitalization

The apparent complexity of a digital path sometimes postpones the course in the correct direction. Understanding that the challenge is the lack of information and knowledge, we presents a complete roadmap and tools which can support the digitalization in the footwear design and development.

Result of more than a decade experiencing the footwear market, and after listening specialists from different areas, were mapped the main steps, gaps and shortcuts to make footwear digitalization possible no matter the stage or size of company.

Sustainable Development

3D designs, augmented reality, collaborative work and solutions that support the environment.

Smart and sustainable development

Experiment different combinations of materials and colors, share ideas with your team, visualize and approve projects using augmented reality.

Take the first step toward the digitalization. The footwear design can be made in a more sustainable and smart way.

Knowledge base

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2D Blueprint

Essential in the development of soles and heels to later build a 3D using parametric files (CAD / CAM)

3D Printing

Create prototypes of complex parts, produce small batches that would depend on opening of a mold

3D Scanning

Transform a physical sample into a digital file that can receive new combinations of materials and colors

Augmented Reality (AR)

Visualize your product in a stunning and innovative way.

Cloud 3D Models

Your collection online, at your computer screen or in the convenience of your mobile, wherever you are.

Computer-aided design (CAD)

Usually created from a 2D blueprint where the dimensions of the model have been defined, it can be worked in a parametric or solid way.

Material Library

Organize your library of materials and colors by collections.


Visually guide your ideas and styles. Work collaboratively.


Physical samples that exceed the size of the scanner tray can be scanning through photogrammetry.


Separate the parts and create a Visual 2D through a photography of a shoe.

Polygon Mesh

Model, adjust and separate the parts of a file to receive textures, render or optimize it for the web.

Shoe Configurators

Simulate different combinations of material and color in a smart way.

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