Digital Footwear Solutions

3D designs, 3D configurators, visualisation in VR/AR. All your 3D assets online.

Work collaborative. Prepare, present and visualize your shoe collection in Augmented or Virtual reality.

3D Configurators

Adjust colors and materials for different components. Explore customized combinations from all angles, from up close or far away.

The web-based and entirely cross-platform shoe configurator runs on any device, browser or operational system.

Sketchfab for Teams

The leading platform to publish, share and integrate interactive 3D content anywhere on the web.

VR & AR ready, physically based rendering, works on any device and browser, 3D annotations, all your 3D assets organized in one place, choosing privacy settings for each upload.

3D modelling

3D Design creation from the 2D visuals or 3D scans. Parts, materials and textures package in a Blender project file ready to export to a variety of file formats.

Did you develop your collection in a physical way, but you want to work digital in marketing and deliver an aggregating experience to your brand consumer?

We use scanning and design to transform your physical shoe into a digital asset.


3D render

What can a realistic render do for your product even before it is ready?

Using photorealism to present your ideas and products may your great differential when approving your project or selling your idea or product, either to customers or consumers.

Use technology as an ally to develop your project in a more intelligent, optimized and sustainable way.

Shoe modelling with Blender

Learn how to use Blender for 3D design, modelling and render shoes. 

Prepare and optimize your projects with incredible and realistic materials in different shaders and effects.

3D Printing

Fast prototyping for look and feel objects with functional capacity, speeding up the development and sampling process.

Knowledge base

Learn more about different process and paths in the road map of footwear digitalization.

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